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- Peat Based "Ancient Humus"

- 100% Verified Organic to USDA standards

- 72 Trace Elements

* All of our elements are in a natural, organic, water soluble form *

2) Our indigenous bacillus, Nitrobacillus georgienis, a natural Nitrogen

fixer unique to our deposit

a) Bacterial based Nitrogen breaks down nitrate, nitrite, and

3) Mycorrhizal Fungi - Endo + Ecto

4) Disease suppressive abilities

a) Fusaruim

b) Phytophthora

5) 10 Bacillus Thurigienis

6) Three strains of Penicillium

7) Eliminate fungicidal drenches

- We include four additional Bacillus spores

2) Targets Rhizoctonia Solani

1) Targets dollar spot and gray leaf spot

8) Our lignin content provides a food source for our beneficial microbes

- Full spectrum of soil Biology:

1) Includes 20 identified Bacillus

ammoniacal nitrogen

- 60% Marine Carbon, 40% Vegetative Carbon

1) Builds Soil Structure

2) When a plant is under stress it reaches for carbon for help

3) Carbon aids in photosynthesis

- The only Humic product that is partnered with the U.S., E.P.A.,

design for the Environment Program

- Different from all other Humates because of its live biology, trace

minerals and disease suppression

- Contains Humic, Fulvic and Ulmic Acids

1) Improves seed germination

2) Increases root growth and structure

- Turf Pro is systemic either through the roots, incorporated in the dry form

in your soil mixture or as a foliar spray or drench in our liquid form

- Aids in absorption of nutrients

- Guaranteed analysis with Florida fertilizer license number


Turf Pro is a superior product because it provides:

1) High levels of Humic, Fulvic and Ulmic Acids

2) 72 Trace Minerals in a readily available form

3) Live, beneficial micro-biology that helps the plant

fight pests and soil - born diseases

4) The lignin content provides the food source to

feed the biology

5) Provides balance to your soil structure

6) It is not a fertilizer, but works in a way to allow

your fertilizer to be more effective

7) Because of its organic nature, Turf Pro does not

leach from the soil

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